Langues dans un monde globalisé

Langues dans un monde globalisé. During the sightseeing of the city centre we all students of 3A, within our teachers Caligiuri, Gatto and Nicotera, took a lot of photos realizing that foreign languages have become very important in every field. In the past, mariners, soldiers and merchants exported their languages in every part of the world. Nowadays, le français c’est une langue simple et romantique et est utilisée dans le domaine de la mode et dans les chansons romantiques; en outre c’est la langue de l’Allemagne. German has always been one of the cultural languages of Europe, while Spanish is important because Spain has always had a very important role in history and is an important tourist destination; about 300 million of people speak Spanish nowadays. Chinese is important because the Chinese people, who are about 1 billion, are pretty good with technology and in the commercial field. However, history has chosen English as a universal language. Music, films, books and tv shows have made it even more international. Examples of this are famous British and American bands such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Queen, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, as well as tv shows such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Willy the fresh prince of Bel Air, or films and books like Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings. The new generation is very influenced by all of these things. in the city centre we found many english words in the names of betting shops and occasional decorations for Christmas. There are pubs and food chains, as “Queen Chips” and “McDonald”, where everything is written in English. Le Français c’est la langue la moins utilisée par rapport à l’anglais, mais nous avons pris environ trente trois en français. Dans la plupart de cas on trouve des mots français sur les panneaux de magasins et publicitaires. We met several shop signs written in two different languages, half in English and half in French, or in French and Italian, or still in English and Italian, and many of these were clothing stores: this gives the idea of mixed languages. We also saw signs in other languages, such as Spanish, chinese, arabic, german; we found the name of a Russian beautician too, and even a sign of a Greek doctor’s office. So we learn that it is important to know at least two languages to communicate with people from different countries and in any field of our globalized life. In fact, as we saw while going around the city, there are words and people from all over the world, and the knowledge of languages gives you many chances, above all to find a job! Sur la base des données, 252 enseignes, et d’une étude statistique, il résulte que 84,12% sont en anglais; 11,90% en français; 3, 54% en langues étrangères différentes; 8, 75% c’est un mélange de langues.

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